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About acuione

Versatility and expertise are the value our team assures to a client. With the rich and in–depth experience, the dynamic team of Acuione has been serving different verticals with world class solutions


For over 7 years, ACUIONE has been successfully delivering innovative software development and consulting services to organizations across a wide range of industries. ACUIONE services encompass complete or partial phases of the software development life cycle and maximize business success through expert knowledge, methodologies and tools.

Company Values

ACUIONE values and beliefs have been embedded in its business culture. This ensures that ACUIONE reacts reliably and responsively to client needs and never takes success for granted.

Website Works



A corporate website for Medglobalhealth. To be a global leader in the provision of innovative, universally affordable and quality healthcare products and service alternatives, to a broad spectrum of worldwide consumer and business clients.

Build Your Course - flexibility of studying online

Find and compare the top UK and global providers of build your course and accountancy courses. Whether you're looking for a full-time course or the flexibility of studying online,

CMT INDIA - Business School

In the world of material wealth and competition there is a dire need for a good leader and motivator who can make people to realize the need for transparency and ethics to enjoy the fruits of development on sustainable path.

Truwood Ply -


ATR "welcome to volkswagen india"

A freelance project for photographer Ming Han Chung. Being an artistic person himself, Ming already had an idea of how he wants his website done so I was basically just his code monkey ;). The website features a side scrolling navigation and involved heavy scripting in mootools. compatible across all major browser including *gasp* IE6.



Docomo -

Docomo is the channel partner to Acuione from past 2 years

Phi Sigma Rho Rush Flyer (2007)

Idea is the channel partner to Acuione from past 4 years


Thejes Consultancy started operations in 1998 providing project and program management consulting services to leading Canadian companies in the Toronto area.

Poidware (2009)

Just a freelance project that never went through, but I'm proud of how i've achieved resizeable background that is compatible with IE6 with just CSS here! If you resize the window, you'd notice that the cloud and sun moves independently of the blue gradient on top. The trick is to use two images and stick the second one on the bottom, which is easy to do in every browser other than IE6.


Acuione Tek
C-61 Block, 201, 202, Madhura Nagar,
Yousufguda Main Road, Hyderabad - 500 038.
Phone : +91 40 40148359,
E-mail :,


  • Website Development
  • Multimedia & Graphic Designing
  • PHP & MySql
  • 2d Animation & 3D Animation
  • VFX & Editing for Corporate Presentations